Inspired by classic cartoons, films and film stars , Belgian pop-artist, Gilbert Retsin, conveys classical themes of  pop-art and plays with various materials and form languages. 
His work is multi-layered, in every sense of the word. The foundation of his work is made up of his collection of old advertising posters and placards. He creates a collage of these and covers them with an acrylic texture, which is one of the artist's favourite materials. The work of art is finished off with a layer of wax, which he spreads across the pictures in a rather non-homogenous way and thereby giving it a feral touch of patina.


Source: Designspotter Köln

MOULIN ROUGE 2       diptich             MURAL  240 x 160                 acrylic on canvas             sign: RETSIN

Inspiré par les dessins animés classiques, les films , la publicité vintage , la culture pop et le street-art , l'artiste belge Retsin , véhicule des thèmes du pop classique et le street-art actuel et joue avec différents matériaux et langages de formes.......................

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